Great Rides of Today’s Wild West


Great Rides of Today’s Wild West profiles over two dozen horseback adventures across the West with more than 300 color photographs – including Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon, Custer Battlefield, Death Valley, and much more.



A Horseman’s Photographic Journey Across the American West
By Mark Bedor

A stunning look at the best rides and ranches across the United States.

Veteran travel writer, photographer, and horseman Mark Bedor returns with another breathtaking adventure across the American West. This gorgeous photographic collection showcases twenty-six horseback rides across the United States (with one trip abroad to the great Australian outback). For each, Bedor offers firsthand descriptions of the people and places, whether they’re tagging along on a cattle drive, taking part in a re-creation of Custer’s Last Stand, or just soaking in the natural vistas.

Take part in the Great American Horse Drive in Colorado; ride through the spectacular Sierra Nevada at Inyo National Forest; and step back in time to the Old West at Tombstone Monument Ranch. Whether the locations are working dude ranches, historic national parks, or world-famous travel destinations, Great Rides of Today’s Wild West shows them in full splendor through more than three hundred spectacular photographs by the author. The beauty, romance, and history of the Wild West and magnificent natural landscapes attract people from all over the world. This book lets you saddle up and ride across the country and beyond on some of the finest trails of today’s Wild West.

Hardcover. 121 pp.



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